International Villain Cantus

International Villain Cantus

Every human being has a dark side. A side we all like to hide from the general public. But sometimes, we can no longer curb our inner darkness, sometimes we have to release our evil upon the world. We at VRG and VTK get this. So that's why we are inviting all the villains within you to a cantus exclusively for mean spirited people. Because who says villains cannot enjoy an evening full of singing, beer and evil laughter? Be part of this event or undergo our wrath muhahahaha! Make sure to dress up! 

Tickets: €12
Doors: 8 pm , Io Vivat (Start cantus): 8.30 pm

Do you want to participate? Make sure you can lay your hands on a ticket. Ticket sale will start Tuesday the 6th of March. 

VRG will be selling their tickets at VRG secretariat (Tiensestraat 53) every day from Tuesday on till Friday. The secretariat is open between 11hr and 17hr. 

The VTK ticket sale will happen in Theokot during lunch hours (12hr30 - 14hr00) on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Don't hesistate to ask one of the workers behind the bar for more information or help. VTK will not sell any tickets on Wednesday because of Jobfair. If you cannot make it to Theokot, ask one of your friends to buy a ticket for you.

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