Survey VRG Jobbeurs 2018

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

Together, we were able to enrich the lifes and careers of talented students by making the VRG Job Fair possible.

We strive - more than ever - to help students towards a successful career. To achieve that goal, we are proudly and closely collaborating with the KU Leuven. However, a stepping stone with no connection to the professional world, is just a stone in an exciting academic river.

Our partnership is very important to us, and indirectly to all the KU Leuven students. We would like to thank you for the pleasant coorporation. As we only want to evolve and improve the Job Fair and our partnership, we would love to hear your feedback on our Job Fair.

Do you have an idea for a new project in which we can innovate together? Please let us know!

Thanks very much,

The PR team

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