Dear freshly arrived international law student,

First of all, we here at VRG Leuven would like to congratulate you for making the excellent choice of choosing our proud little university city to spend your year abroad. It is our duty to make sure you get the most out of this enriching experience that a year abroad truly is.

Now you’ll probably be wondering what the hell VRG stands for and what is does for you. Well VRG is the student “nation” for all law students and it stands for Vlaams Rechtsgenootschap ( in English Flemish Law Society) and it defends the law students’ opinion in the faculty and in Loko. It is also our sacred duty to sell you your books at a fair price in our store in de Valk, the main faculty building. So in short, we are the link between the students and the faculty.

Unsurprisingly, us being students, we are also pretty much everywhere where there is fun to be had. This of course involves organising legendary parties, including a most prestigious prom in a still secret location somewhere in Brussels, and defending our honour in sporting events vs. other nations. We also cater to those in need of a different kind of  fun by organising lectures by some of the sharpest minds of our small country. Political debates, which are a very hot item in Belgium seeing that there are in fact 6 different governments ruling the country, are also on the list. For those who often dream of far flung places, we have our annual “snow” trip to the French Alps , a “cultural” trip to a breath-taking European city and a “beach” trip to Spain for all those who love surfing or sunbathing or just partying outside in the sun for once !

Also make sure you get to know HdR, our faculty bar, where there is always something going on and where you’ll also find one of the cheapest Stella Artois beer in the world, only 1 euro! After a while, you are also bound to always find someone you know here. Above HdR, is our place, the VRG clubhouse and secretary. This is the place to go to for getting your membership card, for buying cards for that great upcoming party or when you have a urgent question. VRG members are always there to help you, don’t forget that.

Now it’s time to introduce VRG International. It is VRG International that will be your guide for connecting with the city and the locals. The full 11 of us will do our very best to make sure you have a blast here and that you will be sad to leave. Our main objective is to make sure that once you get back home, wherever that may be, you will spread the fame of de Valk and that you will always have a warm feeling when you think back to your time here with us.
We look forward to meeting you,

VRG International ’15– ‘ 16,

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